Shop Technician

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Shop Technician:

The Shop Technician performs various tasks involved in the fabrication and wiring of control systems as designed.

These tasks include, but are not limited to: panel wiring, enclosure modification, and conduit / wire installation at our shop or on customer sites. Shop technicians and field technicians report to shop manager for direction and briefing.

The shop service technician responsibilities primarily include, but are not limited to:

• Read and understand electrical drawings
• Panel/Electrical Enclosure Layout and Assembly
• Use and Knowledge of Various Tools and Techniques Required
• Panel Wiring and Device Assembly
• Execute Various Panel Tasks Simultaneously
• Design and Engrave Panel/Enclosure Tags on Laser Engraving Software
• Manipulate Various Software for Wire Labeling and Terminal Marking
• Ship and Receive Electrical Enclosures and Parts (Heavy Lifting)
• Perform Task on Projects to the Best of Their Abilities
• Interact with the Engineering Team to Resolve Issues and Take Direction with Panel Builds
• Provide Updates and Communication between Technician and Manager
• Be Proactive with Professional Growth and Future Training
• Follow Standards Put Forth While Working with UL-508a

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