Automation Consulting Services

Utilize our automation expertise to realize the power of automation in your plant

Better Plan Your Next Project with Automation Consulting

Just like every other business, you are always looking for ways to increase production, improve quality, and leverage new technologies to your full advantage. These kinds of capital improvement projects require thorough research and planning, and input from subject matter experts. Frakes Engineering is a valuable resource you can leverage for your next automation project. We offer automation consulting services in:

  • Business Cases
  • Operational Analysis
  • Long-Term Planning
  • Business Optimization
  • Project Requirements
  • Project Costs
  • Execution Plans
  • Project Scope and Scheduling
  • Risk Assessments and Mitigation Strategies
  • Factory Planning
  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management


Automation Consulting
Automation Consulting
Automation Consulting
We can help you realize the full potential and value of adding new automation technology to your plant. Our automation consulting services can help give you a competitive edge, cut operational costs, and/or improve quality in your processes. We have helped clients, like you, design new project scopes or modify existing proposals so automation projects run smoother and are executed to your requirements.

For those manufacturing teams who are having a hard time getting funds for an automation project, we can help develop a formalized business case that will justify your project in business terms, like return on investment (ROI) and overall equipment efficiency (OEE). You can engage us to help capture the total cost of ownership (TCO) for maintaining your current system then compare this number to the total cost of an automation project with ROIs defined.

If you are worried about the risks associated with a large automation project, Frakes Engineering’s automation consulting services can be used to better plan each phase of a project with the guidance of automation experts. Our team of experienced engineers can help you avoid typical risks involved in the design, construction and implementation of automation and control system projects.