Backflow Prevention Testing for Industrial Clients

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Protect your water supply from  contamination with annual backflow prevention testing

Backflow is dangerous to our health because it can contaminate our drinking water. Backflow prevention devices are installed at cross connections between potable and non-potable water in any residential, commercial or industrial system. These devices prevent dirty water from contaminating clean water supply. These backflow prevention devices must be maintained regularly and properly to keep our drinking water safe.

The Indiana Department of Environments Management (IDEM) requires all cross-connections to the drinking water supply to have properly installed and maintained backflow preventers. These backflow devices must be checked annually by a state-certified backflow prevention tester. This is especially important for all water and wastewater municipalities to do.

At Frakes Engineering, we are passionate about keeping our drinking water clean and safe. That’s why we have two certified backflow prevention testers who can test then remediate any problems you may have. Our field services engineers can perform your annual backflow prevention testing, repairs, and installation. We will also manage all the necessary paperwork on your inspection.

We offer backflow prevention testing service agreements so you don’t have to worry about missing your deadline for checking and testing your backflow prevention devices. Our field service engineers will schedule testing before the due date so you can stay compliant and can perform calibration services on your instrumentation on the same visit. We offer a packaged service agreement where we will perform calibration and backflow prevention testing annually for you.

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