Legacy System Migrations and Modernizations

Modernize your control system and reap the benefits

On-line Migrations from Control System Experts

As your legacy system continues to age and the risks of an unplanned downtime event get higher, you must begin to plan for your next control system migration. When it comes to control system migrations, we offer services in:

  • Legacy System Assessments
  • Phased Migration
  • Complete Migration
  • Lifecycle Plans
  • Legacy System Support Agreements
  • Modernization Consulting Services

Frakes Engineering specializes in online control system migrations and conversions. Since we have been in business for almost four decades, we have seen the evolution of control systems and likely have worked with your legacy system before. Our experienced engineers have advanced knowledge of what is needed to do a migration seamlessly.

Control System Migration
Control System Migration
When doing a control system migration project, we also like to discuss with customers the benefits of modernizing your system to reap more benefits. A modernization project will allow plants to gain:

  • Global Data Access
  • Increased Network Security and Safety
  • Lower Error Margins
  • run with better efficiency and productivity.
  • Flexibility

For plants that are some ways off from a migration or modernization project, we offer legacy system migration planning and consulting. We can work with you to create a timeline for your outdated control system.

We start by gathering all the components of your system and identifying which parts are still supported and which are unsupported. After this, we will discuss what new features you would like to see in a new control system then help pick out new system components.

We also offer legacy system support agreements for manufacturers who are worried they might experience an unplanned downtime event. With a support agreement, we will have current backups of your system to guarantee a quick response time for restoring your legacy system and getting things back up and running.