Custom Automated Solutions and Turnkey Systems

Solutions designed and engineered for your unique challenges

Develop a custom automated solution to fit your plant’s unique needs

Many manufacturers come to us with concepts for a customized automated solution that will help them increase production time or quality. Our industrial engineering team is experienced at taking a plant engineer’s ideas for a new customized system and turning them into reality. Our philosophy is to make each customized solution as simple yet effective as we can. From material handling, process development, product manufacturing to vision systems, you can have a custom automated solution designed to meet your functional requirements and production goals. Frakes Engineering designs and builds custom automated solutions such as:

  • Pick and Place systems
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Sub-assembly machines
  • Measurement systems
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Assembly machines
  • Auto-Drill stations
  • Component and bulk conveyor systems
  • Barcoding and tracking systems
  • Vision systems
  • Part inspection machines
custom automated solution
custom automated solution
custom automated solution
Our industrial team holds extensive expertise in industrial applications and automation allowing them to design a solution for you that is unique to your plant and meets your assembly objectives. We strongly believe that the success of custom automation solutions relies on the communication of goals and objectives from the beginning to the end. We will work with you and your team from the drafting, building, verification and installation phases of the project.

There are many benefits to gain when you decide to add a custom automated solution to your plant. Here are some of the benefits we’ve helped our customers gain through automation:


  • Added quality control
  • Higher production capability
  • Tighter process control
  • Worker safety
  • Addresses workforce shortage dilemma
  • Better machine utilization
  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexible use of labor