Energy Management

Analyze your energy consumption while reducing costs

Energy intelligence that’s relevant, valuable and pertinent.

We’ve helped a variety of customers—from major universities to national manufacturing plants—achieve their energy management goals. By designing the necessary infrastructure to monitor all forms of energy (WAGES), we use this data to customize dynamic graphics to make your data relevant, valuable and applicable to all employees. With your energy management system in place, all employees can begin making data-driven decisions to save money and get an immediate return on your investment.

Frakes Engineering’s Energy Management Method:

Frakes Engineering designs and builds energy management solutions such as:

  • Infrastructure design and engineering
  • Facilities management
  • Individual Machine/Asset Energy Management
  • W.A.G.E.S. Visualization and Sustainability Reporting
  • Energy Data design and analysis
  • Electrical Load Management
  •  Energy conservation reporting
  •  Internal Energy Management Business Cases


Through our energy management solutions, we’ve helped out customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Here are the benefits to adding an energy management system to your facility:

  • Reduce overall energy and operational costs
  •  Streamline your processes
  •  Identify capital investment projects to reduce energy costs
  •  Avoid excess demand charges
  •  Better control your facilities
  •  Real-time data to help you make informed decisions
  •  Data assessment while designing for future growth
  •  Greater visibility and operational control of your facility’s energy usage