Machine Vision and Quality Control

Ensure your products and parts are perfect with machine vision and quality control solutions

Quality Control and Machine Vision Solutions to Guarantee Profitability in Your Plant

Frakes Engineering brings advanced expertise in the field of machine vision and quality control. We can help you track your parts from arrival all the way to final assembly catching errors as they happen on the production line. Our quality control services include:

  • Part Tracking
  • Barcode Reading
  • Error Detection
  • Print-Quality Inspection Systems
  • Vial Count Systems
  • Part Verification Systems
  • Laser Measurements
  • Automated Inspection and Verification
  • Machine Vision Guidance
  •  Part Genealogy

Clients and consumers expect parts to be top quality, but some control systems don’t measure up and produce an error margin that’s unacceptable. If parts are not exactly to specifications, plants will incur costs from scrap, rework, warranty repairs, and product recalls. So how do you lower your line’s error margins?

Machine Vision
Machine Vision
Machine Vision
Machine Vision
Quality control applications can be installed on your line to track and inspect parts and minimize your error margin. These systems also detect production errors prior to value-added operations. Quality control applications are not only helpful in detecting errors; they have been shown to increase line productivity too. Adding vision solutions to your line gives you:

  • Increased product quality
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Added real-time data
  • Higher production rates
  • Part tracking and verification
  • More process control

Frakes Engineering has provided vision system solutions on a number of different applications including print quality inspections, barcode marking and verification, part tracking, laser measurements, vial counting, optical character verification, automated edge and contour inspection and more.

The key to quality control success is experience with cameras and lighting to ensure you’re measuring to the sharpest degree. Our engineers have a vast understanding of the lighting and camera needs to successfully implement a solution. In fact, we have an engineer on staff who worked on the vision system for the Mars Rover.