General Manufacturing

Gain productivity, reliability, security and safety with our automation solutions

Advanced Automation for General Manufacturers

The general manufacturing industry is a highly competitive field and has seen increases in the demand for product customization and standardization. Rising costs of raw material and new technological advances have caused manufacturers to start investing in automation that improves quality, efficiency, safety and security in their plant. To help solve your automation problems, Frakes Engineering offers services in general manufacturing automation, such as:

  • Custom Machine Builds
  • SCADA Systems and Upgrades
  • Legacy System Migrations and Modernizations
  • Functional Machine Safety
  • Pick and Place Robotics
  • Machine Tending Robotics
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Machine Vision Applications
  • Network Assessments and Cybersecurity
General Manufacturing Automation
General Manufacturing Automation
General Manufacturing Automation
Manufacturing consumer goods is a broad industry, but with almost 40 years of experience, we have the understanding to provide automation solutions to those in general manufacturing. From gun manufacturing to kitchen supplies and more, we’ve helped manufacturers gain productivity, reliability and safety in their manufacturing process.

In the past few years, we’ve seen challenges to general manufacturers in staying innovative, sustainable while complying with government requirements and industry standards. You want to incorporate new and innovative technology to increase efficiency and flexibility in your plant.

At the same time, consumers and the industry are holding manufacturers to higher standards when it comes to recyclable products and packaging, cleaner production, less water and energy reduction. We’ve also seen stricter government and industry standards put on general manufacturing plants.

Frakes Engineering has automation and control system solutions to help you solve these unique challenges. We can help you add customized automation designed for you that can will give you increased productivity and flexibility. Our engineers can help you track your energy usage then design controls to better manage your energy output.

When it comes to standards, we can design systems to any industry standards you desire. With our help, you can become a more efficient and flexible manufacturer with innovative technology that supports your production goals allowing you to disrupt your industry.