Better control your heating loop with advanced automation

Plastics Manufacturing Automation Solutions

The key to the plastics manufacturing is understanding the process so you can properly automate it. The methods of extruding and producing these materials require a broad knowledge base within each specific process. While the processes haven’t changed much over the years, these industries are always challenged to save time and money in production. Frakes Engineering is passionate about solving problems for plastics manufacturers. Our services include:

  • Temperature Control
  • Batch process control
  • K-tron feeder
  • Resin compounding controls
  • Precise component weighing
  • Injection Controls
  • Mixing Controls
  • Final Product Packaging
  • Data Collection
  • Legacy control system migrations and modernizations
  • Control System Standardization
Plastics manufacturing
Plastics manufacturing


Frakes Engineering has worked extensively in plastics manufacturing to increase production up-time and quality while reducing the bottom line. We’ve designed and implemented many solutions for plastics manufacturers including machine vision, robotics and motion, network design and security, migrations and modernizations, and more.

A reliable and innovative control system can improve processes in the plastics industry, such as compounding and batching. Plastics manufacturers can incorporate automation to give them recipe management, ingredient and product tracking, and global data access and reporting. We have helped plastics manufacturers modernize their system to increase and meet production goals making them more agile and efficient against competitors.