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Comboline CLX Programming Project

Comboline CLX Programming Project

Comboline CLX Programming Project

The Challenge

A Tier 2 automotive manufacturer kept getting major faults that took them offline. This manufacturer could not figure out where the fault originated from because the first fault caused a chain reaction of other faults. The code on the line also did not give operators enough data for them to troubleshoot the problem.

Frakes Engineering was hired to find where the faults in code stemmed from then to re-mediate the problem in the comboline CLX programming.

The Solution

The first step in solving the comboline CLX programming problem was to find what fault was causing the initial problem. After examining the code, Frakes Engineering found where the initial fault was then reprogrammed the system to fix the fault. While going through all the code, Frakes Engineering found there was a lot of dead code that wasn’t doing anything. Frakes Engineering got rid of the dead code in the program. Frakes Engineering also added more trouble shooting data into the code so that faults in the system would be easier to identify. This project helped to increase lineage uptime by 6% for the manufacturer.

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