Helicopter Door Cycle Machine Project Profile

The Challenge

Manufacturing companies are required by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to do quality control testing on parts and products to ensure the safety and security of consumers who use their products. Helicopter door testers test different kinds of door hinges by continuously opening and closing the door for millions of cycles. The top of the door tester rotates with a helicopter like propeller to keep the doors opening and closing.

The company’s existing quality control testing system was outdated and had been welded together in a few spots after breaking. The existing testers also were unable to record and log any testing data.


The Solution

Frakes Engineering was hired to fabricate, test and install five helicopter door closer quality control testing systems for their facility located on the north side of Indianapolis. The new helicopter door testers have four rotating doors and an 8 in. HMI screen for operator interface.

Because ANSI outlines measurements for performance tests, the new helicopter door testers resemble the existing testers in style, but Frakes Engineering made many upgrades. The SCADA system was designed around a uWin SCADA development package. This gives the plant more testing data and records logs for them to submit to ANSI. Each door tester has four e-stops to ensure worker safety. With these new door testers, they can better ensure that the door hardware they manufacture will perform to the highest quality as it is put to the test day after day in many facilities. The project was completed on time and on budget.

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