Machine Safety Risk Assessment and Remediation

The Challenge

A firearms manufacturer had an incident in their plant causing them to examine their machinery safety. As is common in manufacturing, the plant’s machinery had not had a machine safety risk assessment done per ISO 12100 standards.

Frakes Engineering was hired to do a machine safety risk assessment for 120 machines in the manufacturer’s plant per ISO 12100 standards. The manufacturer wanted each machine’s performance level (PL) catergorized and a list of remediation action items.

The Solution

Over three days, Frakes Engineering’s functional machine safety team assessed 120 machines at the plant. To perform a machine safety risk assessment, a machine safety engineer must look at each machine as if there were no safety functions on it. Then the engineer must imagine every possible scenario where a worker could be injured. Performance levels are then calculated by how bad the injury could be and by how likely an accident is to happening. Frakes Engineering’s TÜV certified safety engineers assessed each machine then used measurements and data to calculate each machine’s performance level. The majority of the machines in the manufacturing plant were found to be level E, the highest level a machine can be rated for risk. Frakes Engineering then put together a list of remediation efforts that the plant could take to lower their risk of having another accident..

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