Vial Count Verification System Project Profile

The Challenge

Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions wanted to speed up production time by having a vial counting system that would count and track vials through the packaging process. Frakes Engineering was chosen to design and build two systems. One system  to count the vials in a bin after the fill and cap process and the other to verify the same count in the bin in the packaging process.

The Solution

For the fill and cap process, we utilized a vision system to count the vials, and a bar code system to print the batch number and product count to a printer, which the operator affixes to the bin. The label has the written text of the batch number, product code, date, and tub number.
For the packaging system, an operator places the bin in a c-channel type structure. Once the bin is in place the operator intiates the start of the count. A bar code reader captures the batch number and product count and verifies with the vision system that the count and batch number is correct. If the count is correct the operator will be able to index the bin to the de-nester station to begin the packaging process. If the count is not correct the system will alarm the operator. The bin will continue to be in the locked position until the alarm is cleared by the operator.This vial counting system allowed Baxter to become more efficient and profitable because vial are tracked throughout the process. This project was completed on budget and on time.

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